When the Guests Leave Early

Unless your Wedding Guests all came in a Party Bus together, there may be cases where your family will leave your Las Vegas Wedding Reception early. The reasons could be many; some personal, some not. We have heard of cases where the family “blames the DJ” as a reason for guests wanting to leave sooner than the bride and groom would have liked. It could be. More than likely, it is something else. Planning a Wedding in Las Vegas is a very exciting yet delicate and almost scientific test of human behavior. Consider the following:

  • Do all of your guests party late into the night, some or none?
  • Will your guests have adequate rest before your Wedding Day, or will they be flying in hours before, or even the same day?
  • Is your Wedding Ceremony during the day, or late at night?
  • Is there a long wait in between the Ceremony and the Reception?

These are all valid and important things to consider when planning your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas. Here are (5) Things you can do to ensure your family enjoys every minute of your Wedding Reception and stays ‘til the end:

1. Adjust your party length in proportion to the number of guests:  Example: If you have 200 people attending your Wedding Reception, it will take longer to serve them, longer for them to eat and longer for them to get drinks. Our attention span as a society has become greatly reduced and the convenience of a smartphone allows plenty of opportunities to be distracted. Consider a 4-5 hour Reception for large parties. 3 – 4 hour party for guests under 50 people.

2. Try to have your Ceremony and Reception in the same vicinity with no downtime in between. If your Ceremony is at Noon and the Reception doesn’t start ‘til 3pm, your guests will become distracted during the downtime and may be tired halfway through your Reception. Take pictures immediately after your Ceremony and do your Grand Entrance no later than 30 minutes after the start of your Reception. This will allow dinner to start on time and provide you more mingling time and dancing time with your guests. We recommend Daytime Receptions for Conservative families and Evening Receptions for wilder crowds. A Daytime Reception in Las Vegas from say 2-7 pm will ensure your older guests are attentive and alert during your party. An early start time will also allow the new couple and their guests the chance to explore the Las Vegas nightlife after the Reception.

 3. Allow the DJ to play music for all guests. Some couples want to plan every detail of their wedding Reception and may go too far by demanding a song-by-song playlist of their selections AND ONLY their selections be played. This can turn off your guests in a hurry if they do not share the same musical tastes as you. At Wedding DJs of Las Vegas, we will play a nice variety of songs and artists for the bride and groom as well as requests from your guests.

4. Consider an Open Bar with alcohol for your guests. Paying for beverages for your guests can really put a dent in your Wedding Budget, but it is the least you can do to thank your guests for traveling and supporting you on your Wedding Day in Las Vegas. A recent Gallup Poll shows 7 out of every 10 Americans drink. Take our advice. Your guests will not appreciate a price chart listed at the bar. For limited budgets, please consider an Open Bar for the first hour or two. It has been our experience that parties with Cash Bars end in the 2-3 out-of-10 range in terms of fun whereas couples that provided an Open Bar are regularly an 8 or 9 out-of-10 on the fun factor scale.

5. Keep speech lengths to a minimum. Witnessing different people give the toast at your Wedding Reception can be meaningful and entertaining. In many cases the more people that speak, the funnier the content becomes as more guests come forward to share stories and keep the laughs and energy level going. However, one person giving a 5-8 minute speech written on 4 pages of loose leaf can cause people discomfort if they are sitting too long without a chance to participate, move around, drink, mingle and dance. This site provides some valuable tips on toast length and etiquette: Toasting Tips. –  John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at events@weddingdjsoflasvegas.com

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