Wedding DJ Prices

In a world full of explosive technology, money goes fast. More and more of our dollars go to fancy cell phones, high speed computers and HD Cable TV which may leave less money for Entertainment, Fancy Vacations, Extravagant Weddings (or tips!!!! Ha. Ha.) For many situations in our life, we always look for “the cheapest.” When choosing a flight, many go to to compare prices and choose the cheapest flight. Heck, it’s only a 4-5 Hour flight to Las Vegas from back East, so why not find the cheapest???? When it comes to Rooms, people are more selective because you will be sleeping, bathing, eating and relaxing in your Hotel Room for days or even a week. Near UNLV, there is an In-n-Out Burger, a McDonalds and a Smashburger all within eyeshot. Do you always choose the $1 dollar hamburger, the $3.59 hamburger or the $9.99 burger and why???? Chances are, you may have eaten at all three in your life because of your mood, budget or who you were with at the time. When it comes to your Wedding Day, our recommendation is not to go cheap on anything. This may be hard to do with a limited budget, but your Wedding is a life-changing event. We fill our cars with gasoline every week. Pay our utilities every week. Not a unique thing. But your marriage will change your life; change the way you think, change the way others view you and change the way your friends and family will treat you. Not trying to scare you away from it, but just want to stress the importance. This is why families spend thousands of dollars on food, a venue, flowers, tux and gowns, Limo, Cake and the DJ. Because of it’s importance. Family members will re-unite, to be together to witness your Wedding Ceremony and to celebrate. You will want them to have a great experience and to share great memories of your Wedding in Las Vegas. Here’s another analogy. When filling up your car with gasoline, do you always get the cheapest or do you mix it up……and why???? Many owners of high performance vehicles say if they do not use the “Premium” gasoline, their vehicles don’t run right. Dare we say the same is true for your Wedding???? That by choosing the “Lower Grade DJ” for your wedding, that your event “may not run right.” Hopefully not. We want you to get the best value and provide the best party possible for your friends and family, but everything has a value, a cost and an importance level. By choosing a “High Octane” DJ from Wedding DJs of Las Vegas, you can be confident you are going with the best; DJs experienced in a wide variety of music genres and someone that will speak with good energy, inflection and personality. Think of us as the “Angus” Steak, or the “Higher Octane” synonymous with “more refined” as explained in this article: But aren’t there “deals” out there????? Even for higher end services????? Sure there are. Call us at 702-878-4845 to discuss your needs, which day, what time and the best possible scenario for everyone. Tickets for a sports team that goes 1 and 10 may be cheaper than the team that is undefeated. But are they as exciting??????????? You decide. – John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas. E-mail at

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