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Smoking at Weddings

Lots to consider when planning a Wedding; what venue to choose, what menu items, bar package, décor etc. Your tastes and desires should be fulfilled, but so should the desires and pleasures of your guests. We recommend you not enforce your personal inhibitions or distastes on your guests. If your guests smoke and drink alcohol and you do not; accommodate them anyway. If certain guests require a gluten-free or vegetarian meal; accommodate them. It is a classy move and will be appreciated by your guests.

There are an estimated 43 Million Cigarette Smokers in the United States. In places like Eastern Europe and Japan, the percentage of people that enjoy smoking per capita is even higher. Chances are, there are many friends and close loved ones in YOUR family that smoke; whether you do or not. Despite recent attempts to inconvenience smokers and with all of the warnings and potential health problems associated with smoking cigarettes, it is clear that smokers will not be denied.

With these facts in mind, guests that smoke must be considered if you are inviting them to your Wedding in Las Vegas for the following reasons:

  1. You love them and you want them to attend your Wedding
  2. You want guests that smoke to have a good time (which may include smoking, drinking and socializing)
  3. You do not want your guests to leave your party early or disappear for long lengths of time because there is nowhere to smoke nearby.

Many grooms like to enjoy a cigar with their groomsmen and uncles to celebrate their marriage. We have seen families request on-site cigar rolling which is available in Las Vegas. Truth is, for many smokers; it is not a “vacation” or a “party” if they cannot do what they enjoy. Many heavy smokers refuse to fly or even visit other people’s houses for family get-togethers if they cannot smoke as they wish.

Having your Wedding in Las Vegas is a Win-Win. Nevada has some of the loosest smoking laws in the United States with plenty of protections in place for children and non-smokers. Most of the newer casinos have high ceilings and excellent smoke-filtration systems. Almost every Las Vegas Hotel Casino has smoking hotel rooms and/or smoking hotel floors, something that may be hard to find in other cities. Although most restaurants in Las Vegas remain smoke-free, smoking in casinos is virtually unlimited (except in smoke-free sections.) Smoking outdoors in Nevada is also permitted. Some states in the Northeast are “punishing” smokers; making it so inconvenient for them, that many smokers must endure freezing temperatures, wind, snow and rain outside the confines of a bar…….just to enjoy a cigarette!?!?!? Some airports out West (like Portland International) offer no place to smoke inside, not even at bar establishments. And the distance to find a smoking area can be a far walk away. The good news for smokers????? McCarran Airport in Las Vegas DOES allow smoking at most all of their airport bars. Aside from Smoke-Free Convention areas, many Las Vegas Casinos and Banquet Facilities also offer convenient smoking areas for their guests.

Listed below are our Top 10 picks for Smoker-Friendly Las Vegas Wedding Venues (with a close convenient area to smoke) so your guests can enjoy a cigarette, smoke cigars and not miss any of your Wedding Reception:

Eastside CanneryHuge Glass balcony with a magnificent view of the Las Vegas Strip. 10 feet from dancefloor. www.eastsidecannerylv.com/facilities/one-six

Montelago VillageSpacious walkways right on Lake Las Vegas. 15 feet from dancefloor. www.divineeventslv.com/

BellagioMonet Rooms. Huge patio overlooking the pool. www.bellagio.com/meetings/meetings-facilities.aspx

Wellington PlaceWide Balcony on 2nd Floor. Spacious first floor walkway. www.vegasweddingreception.com/

Lake Mead Cruises Smoking permitted on Balcony of the cruiseship. www.lakemeadcruises.com/weddings.html

Binions Pool Deck25th Floor. Great View from Downtown. Wide Open. Private. www.binions.com/groups/index.php

Maggiano’sHuge Patio directly atop the Las Vegas strip. 20 yards from Banquet Rooms. www.maggianos.com/EN/Las-Vegas_Las-Vegas_NV/Pages/LocationLanding.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1#

Border Grill at Mandalay Bay15 Foot walk. Secluded area. Choose the Rooms on the Ground Floor. www.bordergrill.com/bg_lv/bg_lvbaqimggal.htm#../img/pp1.jpg

Most any Las Vegas Golf CourseMost have open patios right outside. Eagle Crest/Bears Best/Angel Park etc.

Most any Private Mansion in Las Vegas (Parisian Palace, 2810 Resort)

– John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at events@weddingdjsoflasvegas.com. For information on smoking in other cities and countries, visit www.smokers-united.com.