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Should I Get Open Bar????

One question you will face when planning a Wedding Reception in Las Vegas is should I get Open Bar (or more discreetly referred to as Hosted Bar.) Simply defined, will you buy the drinks for your guests at your Wedding Reception or will they buy their own. I can tell you first hand; parties with a cash bar on a “funfactor” level are usually a 3 out of 10 (with 10 being the most fun and lively party.) Most Open Bar parties are an 8 – 9 out of 10 every time. And this doesn’t necessarily mean our world is filled with hardcore alcoholics that need free drinks to have a good time. In fact, the drinks are not free……………they are paid in advance by the bride and groom or the bride and groom’s family.

If it’s in the budget, we highly recommend you choose a hosted bar. And if it’s not in the budget, find a way. Here’s why. A destination wedding in Las Vegas is a luxury and a sacrifice at the same time. Your guests and family will cash in vacation time, sick days, personal savings or credit to attend your Wedding in Las Vegas. This is usually not a hard thing to get people to do, since Vegas is one of the most exciting, unique, sought-after vacation spots in the world AND the fact that your family most assuredly cares deeply about you and wants to show their support in celebrating your marriage. But after they have paid for their flight, paid for their room, made the trip and given a gift; the classiest gesture you can make (in addition to having great food and entertainment for your Wedding) is to offer complimentary beverages. We have witnessed and heard the moans and groans of Wedding guests approaching the bar to find a Price List for Soda, Beer and Wine etc. A party spoiler without a doubt. Offering a hosted bar is your way of saying to your guests “thanks for being here. We love you. And we want you to have a good time.” Think of Las Vegas as your own home……………You wouldn’t charge your guests for drinks if you had them over for a birthday party, right????? So why do it on your Wedding Day; a once in a lifetime event (usually.)

The average price for a hosted bar in Las Vegas can run anywhere from $20-$30 dollars per guest. For a party of say 50 guests; that is an additional $1,000-$1,500 hundred dollars. For a family with a Wedding Budget of 10-15 thousand, the extra grand isn’t too far-fetched; especially when you consider how much fun they will be having. Chances are, your guests will be giving you cash as a gift which will cover the open bar anyway. Roger Owens of The Riviera Hotel Casino explains; “a hosted bar is becoming so popular, some couples are even asking for a full-on “Shot Station” where couples and groups can fill their own shot glass “served chilled” from a flowing ice-sculpture. This add-on is a great conversation piece, frees up the bartender and frees up the bar line so other guests can order regular drinks. Popular liquor choices have ranged anywhere from Skyy Vodka, to Patron, to Captain Morgan.” http://www.rivierahotel.com/las-vegas-meetings-conventions/weddings-ceremonies/ 

At Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas, we take pride in sharing our observations and experiences from the hundreds of parties we have emceed over the years. Most Club DJs could care less about what the guests at your party are doing, saying or feeling. We watch. We listen. And we share information to be sure you have all the insight you need to make the best decision for your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas. Say Yes to a hosted bar. Your family will remember. – John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator or Bruno Productions and weddingdjsoflasvegas.com. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at events@weddingdjsoflasvegas.com