The average price for a DJ/Emcee with Sound System from a reputable Wedding DJ Company in Las Vegas is $500—$1,000 dollars and up. The cost will vary depending on your needs; size of your group, venue, size and shape of the room, duration of your event, day and time of your event, power and lighting requirements, guests performers, additional microphones etc.

To provide you with the best quote possible, please call 702-878-4845 with your details or e-mail us your needs at We would be happy to discuss your needs and will provide a formal quote in writing. We always use contracts for every event, require a 50% Deposit to hold the date with the balance due the night of the event before music can begin.

Please Note: Bruno Productions is one of the few Wedding DJ companies in Las Vegas offering 2 — 3 hour DJ parties. We have accommodated parties of 25 all the way up to 3,500 people hosting events for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, even 8 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

The DJ business is very similar to the Hotel and Airline business; prices vary from day-to-day; week-to-week. Do you want a First Class Reception with all the bells and whistles or do you want to “fly economy” with a bare bones-just-get-me-through-it type package. Did you reserve your date 12 months in advance or will you need a DJ in less than 30 days????? Is your event on a Tuesday or will you be getting married on New Year’s Eve???? Either way, you can rest assured, Bruno Productions will provide a good decent soundsystem and professional emcee to accommodate your event. We have various  small PA sound systems for outdoor ceremonies and restaurants, medium sound systems for backyard houseparties and large to extra large sound system for banquet halls and larger venues. We have various DJ Packages to choose from and can also accommodate groups requesting full size cabinets and subwoofers, with a full laserlight show.

Listed below is the most common setup we use for 90% of our events:

(2) or (4) 15 Inch Peavey Speakers (plenty loud)
(1) or (2) Crown Amplifiers (1,000-2,000 watts)
(1) Sennheiser Corded Microphone
(1) Shure Cordless Microphone
(1) or (2) Denon CD Players/Midi Controllers
(2) Laptop Computers with Serato Scratch Live/Mobile DJ Pro/Verizon 4G Card for Wireless Internet Access