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Giving the toast at a Wedding is a big deal. It is the moment of recognition and acceptance of your marriage by family and friends. The toast is usually given by the Best Man and Maid of Honor after dinner, but may also be given by siblings, parents, best friends etc. Some families do “multiple toasts”; a short toast to welcome everyone, an Official Toast after dinner and then a Secondary Toast after Cake Cutting. Public speaking is a skill most take for granted, even at private events like a Wedding Reception. A recent study found that some people are so afraid to speak before an audience, that they fear it almost as much as death itself: . Many practice ahead of time and even write out their speech to overcome this. Sadly, many groomsmen get inebriated, smack the mic on their forehead and ask “is this thing on” in an attempt to overcome nerves and break the ice. Speaking before an audience is a good skill to have and is mandatory for school teachers, managers and politicians. Consider joining Toastmasters and add public speaking to your skillset. It is not uncommon for the Bride and Groom to welcome their guests before dinner or to thank guests at the end of their Wedding Reception in Las Vegas. Your family will be impressed when you get on the mic and will appreciate your willingness to acknowledge and thank them for coming.

Listed below are Five (5) things you can do to ensure a smooth, meaningful and professional sounding toast at your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas:

1. Choose 2 – 3 people to give the toast. Approach them 30 days before your Big Day; “We would be honored if you would give a toast at our Wedding.” Be sure they accept willingly and understand it’s significance; they will be viewed as one of the most important people in your life. Your DJ will introduce each person respectfully before they begin to ensure everyone has their attention.

2. Instruct each speaker to keep speeches under 2 minutes. Our society has become fast paced and our attention span has drastically decreased. A short direct speech will keep your guests interested, keep the party moving and ensure your guests are respectful and attentive.

3. Instruct each speaker to keep the microphone one (1”) inch below their lips. Your DJ will remind them, but many get nervous and keep the mic down near their waist which can make it difficult for guests to hear what they are saying.

4. If your speakers “don’t know what to say”, a simple guide to Wedding speeches would be: a) How long they know you and what their relation is b) Positive traits about your new mate c) a special unique memory or experience they would like to share with your family.

5. Do not ask anyone to speak that is not supportive of your marriage. Any racist, jealous or rude comments can deflate the mood of a party. Comments such as “I can’t believe my sister married a guy with the last name ***** or “good luck with this one” is not the tone you want for your wedding.

We have seen cases where biological fathers or estranged family members feel they deserve to speak or want to use your wedding as a bully pulpit or a stage for reconciliation for sins of the past or other family disagreements. Carefully prepare and address beforehand. A “rehearsal dinner” the night before your wedding may be a good opportunity to “test the waters” and see how family members react to each other etc. Your Wedding Day in Las Vegas should be about peace, love and prosperity. Squash and resolve any family squabbles before your wedding day to ensure a great time, with great stories to be shared by all.John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at .

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