Mission Statement
Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas is a “For profit” organization honored to help celebrate the heart and soul of our society: marriage. Marital unions help form stable families that care for each other, save together, spend together and grow together. Las Vegas is the greatest city in the world; the Wedding Capital of the world. You couldn’t have picked a better place.

How do we book a DJ for our event???
Simply e-mail us at events@weddingdjsoflasvegas.com or call us 702-878-4845. We will check availability, discuss your event and quote your event on the spot. We will send you a contract to lock in your date and time. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required. Visa, Mastercard, Discover accepted.

What types of events do you do??
All types; Weddings large and small, indoor and outdoor. Ceremonies and Receptions. Birthday parties, corporate events, picnics, holiday parties, anniversaries and more.

Why are DJs so expensive???
Cost and value are all relative. Expensive compared to floral???? Some families will spend $250 dollars on each centerpiece at every table at their Wedding Reception because it is important to them. If professional announcements, great music and a smooth, fun event is important to you, than we recommend you consider our prices fair for DJ service. Your DJ will be an integral part of your Las Vegas Wedding Reception. We work extremely hard preparing for your event; going over the order of activities, song selections, time management etc. We are experts in Public Relations; the liaison between you and the banquet staff ensuring your event runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your evening. Our background is in broadcasting, so you can be sure we will speak clearly, with good inflection, style and professionalism. You can hire an inexperienced person to play CDs for much less, but it is doubtful they can coordinate an event, dress the part, talk and play music at the same time effectively. Maturity can go a long way here.

What kind of equipment do you have????
All of our equipment is less than a year old. For Parties of 100 people or less we offer 1,000 watts of power, (2) 15″ speakers, backup amp, 2 laptops computers with wireless internet access. 1 hard wire mic. 1 cordless mic. Smaller systems available for ceremonies/restaurants etc. Larger systems available for large halls, outdoor events and/or parties with more than than 100 people. We are prepared and ready to serve.

Power and Lighting
Power and lighting to be provided by others. If you require special DJ dance lights/mirror balls or generator power for remote locations, Bruno Productions can provide at an additional charge.

Fog Machines
We do not offer this service. It has been our experience that these machines are disruptive and may not be appropriate (or well received) by elderly guests, people eating dinner etc. We recommend not using these in locations that have a life safety system in place (smoke detectors etc.) Private homes…………….maybe

Will the DJ be loud enough????
DJs with huge cabinets and subwoofers can be disruptive and are probably overcompensating. Although nice, we offer a traditional DJ service; conscientious of the elderly, people’s comfort……and people’s hearing. Your reception will be a rare occasion for family and friends to be together and we want to be sure they can carry on a conversation and enjoy being together. We have never had a complaint that the music was “not loud enough.”

How many songs do you have in your library??
Almost 10,000, but you’ll never hear that many at a 4 -5 hour party. The key is preparation; simply tell us beforehand what you would like and we’ll have it, even if we have to buy it. We use laptop computers exclusively with wireless internet and can take requests on the spot. If we don’t have it we will buy it the night of the event at no cost to you.

Are you a Full-Time DJ????
Yes. We are Licensed and Insured in the State of Nevada. Our business is seasonal, but we usually average 15 – 20 events per month. We also do Radio & Television commercials, custom music beds, voice-overs and music-on-hold.

Do you have an office????
Yes. Available by appointment at our Las Vegas Office off Desert Inn east of the Wynn Hotel. We also have studios in South Las Vegas. When not DJing an event, we do voiceovers, commercials and soundtracks.

Should we meet in person????
Not needed unless you feel it’s necessary. Many of our bookings are from out-of-town and we know you’ll have plenty of other stops to make. We can prepare everything beforehand via fax, phone and e-mail.

What is your attire??
For weddings, we always wear suits, otherwise dress shirt and slacks. Dress shirt and shorts for outdoor Birthday parties etc. When asked, we have worn other attire including tuxedos, Hawaiian shirts, guayaberas and other “themed” outfits when provided.

Will You Play Our CDs???
Yes. Bring whatever you like and we will play your selections.

Songs with Profanity/Slurs
Although we are uncomfortable playing songs with racial slurs and songs portraying women in a negative light, we know this style of music is popular. We are hired by you for a “private event” and will play whatever you ask us to. Our recommendation is to consider young children and older guests when requesting these forms of music and keep “Club Music” and “Wedding Music” separate. We support the First Amendment, but reinforce class and good taste for our events.

Group Dances
We have all the popular group dances on file; Cupid Shuffle, Soulja Boy, Todo Todo, Stanky Legg, Cha-Cha Slide, Macarena, Electric Slide, Y.M.C.A, Wobble, Wobble etc. Our DJs do not dance however.

Should I Tip The DJ????
As with any personalized service, tipping is a way to express satisfaction. Your DJ will play a large part in orchestrating your reception. A 15% gratuity is appreciated. http://tipping.org/tips/wedding.html

Our Economy
Whatever the state of our economy, Love will go on and Love will not be denied. Weddings will continue and we will be there for you. A marriage is a historic event, the joining of two people and two families, responsible for each other. $5 a gallon, $10 a gallon. No difference. We’re there.