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Smoking at Weddings

Lots to consider when planning a Wedding; what venue to choose, what menu items, bar package, décor etc. Your tastes and desires should be fulfilled, but so should the desires and pleasures of your guests. We recommend you not enforce your personal inhibitions or distastes on your guests. If your guests smoke and drink alcohol and you do not; accommodate them anyway. If certain guests require a gluten-free or vegetarian meal; accommodate them. It is a classy move and will be appreciated by your guests.

There are an estimated 43 Million Cigarette Smokers in the United States. In places like Eastern Europe and Japan, the percentage of people that enjoy smoking per capita is even higher. Chances are, there are many friends and close loved ones in YOUR family that smoke; whether you do or not. Despite recent attempts to inconvenience smokers and with all of the warnings and potential health problems associated with smoking cigarettes, it is clear that smokers will not be denied.

With these facts in mind, guests that smoke must be considered if you are inviting them to your Wedding in Las Vegas for the following reasons:

  1. You love them and you want them to attend your Wedding
  2. You want guests that smoke to have a good time (which may include smoking, drinking and socializing)
  3. You do not want your guests to leave your party early or disappear for long lengths of time because there is nowhere to smoke nearby.

Many grooms like to enjoy a cigar with their groomsmen and uncles to celebrate their marriage. We have seen families request on-site cigar rolling which is available in Las Vegas. Truth is, for many smokers; it is not a “vacation” or a “party” if they cannot do what they enjoy. Many heavy smokers refuse to fly or even visit other people’s houses for family get-togethers if they cannot smoke as they wish.

Having your Wedding in Las Vegas is a Win-Win. Nevada has some of the loosest smoking laws in the United States with plenty of protections in place for children and non-smokers. Most of the newer casinos have high ceilings and excellent smoke-filtration systems. Almost every Las Vegas Hotel Casino has smoking hotel rooms and/or smoking hotel floors, something that may be hard to find in other cities. Although most restaurants in Las Vegas remain smoke-free, smoking in casinos is virtually unlimited (except in smoke-free sections.) Smoking outdoors in Nevada is also permitted. Some states in the Northeast are “punishing” smokers; making it so inconvenient for them, that many smokers must endure freezing temperatures, wind, snow and rain outside the confines of a bar…….just to enjoy a cigarette!?!?!? Some airports out West (like Portland International) offer no place to smoke inside, not even at bar establishments. And the distance to find a smoking area can be a far walk away. The good news for smokers????? McCarran Airport in Las Vegas DOES allow smoking at most all of their airport bars. Aside from Smoke-Free Convention areas, many Las Vegas Casinos and Banquet Facilities also offer convenient smoking areas for their guests.

Listed below are our Top 10 picks for Smoker-Friendly Las Vegas Wedding Venues (with a close convenient area to smoke) so your guests can enjoy a cigarette, smoke cigars and not miss any of your Wedding Reception:

Eastside CanneryHuge Glass balcony with a magnificent view of the Las Vegas Strip. 10 feet from dancefloor.

Montelago VillageSpacious walkways right on Lake Las Vegas. 15 feet from dancefloor.

BellagioMonet Rooms. Huge patio overlooking the pool.

Wellington PlaceWide Balcony on 2nd Floor. Spacious first floor walkway.

Lake Mead Cruises Smoking permitted on Balcony of the cruiseship.

Binions Pool Deck25th Floor. Great View from Downtown. Wide Open. Private.

Maggiano’sHuge Patio directly atop the Las Vegas strip. 20 yards from Banquet Rooms.

Border Grill at Mandalay Bay15 Foot walk. Secluded area. Choose the Rooms on the Ground Floor.

Most any Las Vegas Golf CourseMost have open patios right outside. Eagle Crest/Bears Best/Angel Park etc.

Most any Private Mansion in Las Vegas (Parisian Palace, 2810 Resort)

– John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at For information on smoking in other cities and countries, visit





When the Guests Leave Early

Unless your Wedding Guests all came in a Party Bus together, there may be cases where your family will leave your Las Vegas Wedding Reception early. The reasons could be many; some personal, some not. We have heard of cases where the family “blames the DJ” as a reason for guests wanting to leave sooner than the bride and groom would have liked. It could be. More than likely, it is something else. Planning a Wedding in Las Vegas is a very exciting yet delicate and almost scientific test of human behavior. Consider the following:

  • Do all of your guests party late into the night, some or none?
  • Will your guests have adequate rest before your Wedding Day, or will they be flying in hours before, or even the same day?
  • Is your Wedding Ceremony during the day, or late at night?
  • Is there a long wait in between the Ceremony and the Reception?

These are all valid and important things to consider when planning your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas. Here are (5) Things you can do to ensure your family enjoys every minute of your Wedding Reception and stays ‘til the end:

1. Adjust your party length in proportion to the number of guests:  Example: If you have 200 people attending your Wedding Reception, it will take longer to serve them, longer for them to eat and longer for them to get drinks. Our attention span as a society has become greatly reduced and the convenience of a smartphone allows plenty of opportunities to be distracted. Consider a 4-5 hour Reception for large parties. 3 – 4 hour party for guests under 50 people.

2. Try to have your Ceremony and Reception in the same vicinity with no downtime in between. If your Ceremony is at Noon and the Reception doesn’t start ‘til 3pm, your guests will become distracted during the downtime and may be tired halfway through your Reception. Take pictures immediately after your Ceremony and do your Grand Entrance no later than 30 minutes after the start of your Reception. This will allow dinner to start on time and provide you more mingling time and dancing time with your guests. We recommend Daytime Receptions for Conservative families and Evening Receptions for wilder crowds. A Daytime Reception in Las Vegas from say 2-7 pm will ensure your older guests are attentive and alert during your party. An early start time will also allow the new couple and their guests the chance to explore the Las Vegas nightlife after the Reception.

 3. Allow the DJ to play music for all guests. Some couples want to plan every detail of their wedding Reception and may go too far by demanding a song-by-song playlist of their selections AND ONLY their selections be played. This can turn off your guests in a hurry if they do not share the same musical tastes as you. At Wedding DJs of Las Vegas, we will play a nice variety of songs and artists for the bride and groom as well as requests from your guests.

4. Consider an Open Bar with alcohol for your guests. Paying for beverages for your guests can really put a dent in your Wedding Budget, but it is the least you can do to thank your guests for traveling and supporting you on your Wedding Day in Las Vegas. A recent Gallup Poll shows 7 out of every 10 Americans drink. Take our advice. Your guests will not appreciate a price chart listed at the bar. For limited budgets, please consider an Open Bar for the first hour or two. It has been our experience that parties with Cash Bars end in the 2-3 out-of-10 range in terms of fun whereas couples that provided an Open Bar are regularly an 8 or 9 out-of-10 on the fun factor scale.

5. Keep speech lengths to a minimum. Witnessing different people give the toast at your Wedding Reception can be meaningful and entertaining. In many cases the more people that speak, the funnier the content becomes as more guests come forward to share stories and keep the laughs and energy level going. However, one person giving a 5-8 minute speech written on 4 pages of loose leaf can cause people discomfort if they are sitting too long without a chance to participate, move around, drink, mingle and dance. This site provides some valuable tips on toast length and etiquette: Toasting Tips. –  John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at

Giving the Toast……

Giving the toast at a Wedding is a big deal. It is the moment of recognition and acceptance of your marriage by family and friends. The toast is usually given by the Best Man and Maid of Honor after dinner, but may also be given by siblings, parents, best friends etc. Some families do “multiple toasts”; a short toast to welcome everyone, an Official Toast after dinner and then a Secondary Toast after Cake Cutting. Public speaking is a skill most take for granted, even at private events like a Wedding Reception. A recent study found that some people are so afraid to speak before an audience, that they fear it almost as much as death itself: . Many practice ahead of time and even write out their speech to overcome this. Sadly, many groomsmen get inebriated, smack the mic on their forehead and ask “is this thing on” in an attempt to overcome nerves and break the ice. Speaking before an audience is a good skill to have and is mandatory for school teachers, managers and politicians. Consider joining Toastmasters and add public speaking to your skillset. It is not uncommon for the Bride and Groom to welcome their guests before dinner or to thank guests at the end of their Wedding Reception in Las Vegas. Your family will be impressed when you get on the mic and will appreciate your willingness to acknowledge and thank them for coming.

Listed below are Five (5) things you can do to ensure a smooth, meaningful and professional sounding toast at your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas:

1. Choose 2 – 3 people to give the toast. Approach them 30 days before your Big Day; “We would be honored if you would give a toast at our Wedding.” Be sure they accept willingly and understand it’s significance; they will be viewed as one of the most important people in your life. Your DJ will introduce each person respectfully before they begin to ensure everyone has their attention.

2. Instruct each speaker to keep speeches under 2 minutes. Our society has become fast paced and our attention span has drastically decreased. A short direct speech will keep your guests interested, keep the party moving and ensure your guests are respectful and attentive.

3. Instruct each speaker to keep the microphone one (1”) inch below their lips. Your DJ will remind them, but many get nervous and keep the mic down near their waist which can make it difficult for guests to hear what they are saying.

4. If your speakers “don’t know what to say”, a simple guide to Wedding speeches would be: a) How long they know you and what their relation is b) Positive traits about your new mate c) a special unique memory or experience they would like to share with your family.

5. Do not ask anyone to speak that is not supportive of your marriage. Any racist, jealous or rude comments can deflate the mood of a party. Comments such as “I can’t believe my sister married a guy with the last name ***** or “good luck with this one” is not the tone you want for your wedding.

We have seen cases where biological fathers or estranged family members feel they deserve to speak or want to use your wedding as a bully pulpit or a stage for reconciliation for sins of the past or other family disagreements. Carefully prepare and address beforehand. A “rehearsal dinner” the night before your wedding may be a good opportunity to “test the waters” and see how family members react to each other etc. Your Wedding Day in Las Vegas should be about peace, love and prosperity. Squash and resolve any family squabbles before your wedding day to ensure a great time, with great stories to be shared by all.John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at .

Should I Get Open Bar????

One question you will face when planning a Wedding Reception in Las Vegas is should I get Open Bar (or more discreetly referred to as Hosted Bar.) Simply defined, will you buy the drinks for your guests at your Wedding Reception or will they buy their own. I can tell you first hand; parties with a cash bar on a “funfactor” level are usually a 3 out of 10 (with 10 being the most fun and lively party.) Most Open Bar parties are an 8 – 9 out of 10 every time. And this doesn’t necessarily mean our world is filled with hardcore alcoholics that need free drinks to have a good time. In fact, the drinks are not free……………they are paid in advance by the bride and groom or the bride and groom’s family.

If it’s in the budget, we highly recommend you choose a hosted bar. And if it’s not in the budget, find a way. Here’s why. A destination wedding in Las Vegas is a luxury and a sacrifice at the same time. Your guests and family will cash in vacation time, sick days, personal savings or credit to attend your Wedding in Las Vegas. This is usually not a hard thing to get people to do, since Vegas is one of the most exciting, unique, sought-after vacation spots in the world AND the fact that your family most assuredly cares deeply about you and wants to show their support in celebrating your marriage. But after they have paid for their flight, paid for their room, made the trip and given a gift; the classiest gesture you can make (in addition to having great food and entertainment for your Wedding) is to offer complimentary beverages. We have witnessed and heard the moans and groans of Wedding guests approaching the bar to find a Price List for Soda, Beer and Wine etc. A party spoiler without a doubt. Offering a hosted bar is your way of saying to your guests “thanks for being here. We love you. And we want you to have a good time.” Think of Las Vegas as your own home……………You wouldn’t charge your guests for drinks if you had them over for a birthday party, right????? So why do it on your Wedding Day; a once in a lifetime event (usually.)

The average price for a hosted bar in Las Vegas can run anywhere from $20-$30 dollars per guest. For a party of say 50 guests; that is an additional $1,000-$1,500 hundred dollars. For a family with a Wedding Budget of 10-15 thousand, the extra grand isn’t too far-fetched; especially when you consider how much fun they will be having. Chances are, your guests will be giving you cash as a gift which will cover the open bar anyway. Roger Owens of The Riviera Hotel Casino explains; “a hosted bar is becoming so popular, some couples are even asking for a full-on “Shot Station” where couples and groups can fill their own shot glass “served chilled” from a flowing ice-sculpture. This add-on is a great conversation piece, frees up the bartender and frees up the bar line so other guests can order regular drinks. Popular liquor choices have ranged anywhere from Skyy Vodka, to Patron, to Captain Morgan.” 

At Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas, we take pride in sharing our observations and experiences from the hundreds of parties we have emceed over the years. Most Club DJs could care less about what the guests at your party are doing, saying or feeling. We watch. We listen. And we share information to be sure you have all the insight you need to make the best decision for your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas. Say Yes to a hosted bar. Your family will remember. – John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator or Bruno Productions and Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at

Wedding DJ Prices

In a world full of explosive technology, money goes fast. More and more of our dollars go to fancy cell phones, high speed computers and HD Cable TV which may leave less money for Entertainment, Fancy Vacations, Extravagant Weddings (or tips!!!! Ha. Ha.) For many situations in our life, we always look for “the cheapest.” When choosing a flight, many go to to compare prices and choose the cheapest flight. Heck, it’s only a 4-5 Hour flight to Las Vegas from back East, so why not find the cheapest???? When it comes to Rooms, people are more selective because you will be sleeping, bathing, eating and relaxing in your Hotel Room for days or even a week. Near UNLV, there is an In-n-Out Burger, a McDonalds and a Smashburger all within eyeshot. Do you always choose the $1 dollar hamburger, the $3.59 hamburger or the $9.99 burger and why???? Chances are, you may have eaten at all three in your life because of your mood, budget or who you were with at the time. When it comes to your Wedding Day, our recommendation is not to go cheap on anything. This may be hard to do with a limited budget, but your Wedding is a life-changing event. We fill our cars with gasoline every week. Pay our utilities every week. Not a unique thing. But your marriage will change your life; change the way you think, change the way others view you and change the way your friends and family will treat you. Not trying to scare you away from it, but just want to stress the importance. This is why families spend thousands of dollars on food, a venue, flowers, tux and gowns, Limo, Cake and the DJ. Because of it’s importance. Family members will re-unite, to be together to witness your Wedding Ceremony and to celebrate. You will want them to have a great experience and to share great memories of your Wedding in Las Vegas. Here’s another analogy. When filling up your car with gasoline, do you always get the cheapest or do you mix it up……and why???? Many owners of high performance vehicles say if they do not use the “Premium” gasoline, their vehicles don’t run right. Dare we say the same is true for your Wedding???? That by choosing the “Lower Grade DJ” for your wedding, that your event “may not run right.” Hopefully not. We want you to get the best value and provide the best party possible for your friends and family, but everything has a value, a cost and an importance level. By choosing a “High Octane” DJ from Wedding DJs of Las Vegas, you can be confident you are going with the best; DJs experienced in a wide variety of music genres and someone that will speak with good energy, inflection and personality. Think of us as the “Angus” Steak, or the “Higher Octane” synonymous with “more refined” as explained in this article: But aren’t there “deals” out there????? Even for higher end services????? Sure there are. Call us at 702-878-4845 to discuss your needs, which day, what time and the best possible scenario for everyone. Tickets for a sports team that goes 1 and 10 may be cheaper than the team that is undefeated. But are they as exciting??????????? You decide. – John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas. E-mail at

What Makes a Great DJ???

To put it simply, what makes a DJ great is having the ability to pick the right music at the right time. Young Club DJs in Las Vegas will tell you something different, but take it from someone that is a musician and someone that studies human behavior. Very few people can go full throttle all night on the dance floor no matter who you are. Parties need to have an ebb and flow; especially at a Wedding. DJs that pull off clever mixes and beat-matching are not doing a family justice if it is not a song they know or want. Las Vegas Wedding DJs must be fluent in many forms of music from all decades. Someone born in 1980 may not know a thing about music from the 50’s and 60’s. True DJs have their favorite forms of music, but cannot be biased in any way if they want to be successful; especially at Weddings. People come to Las Vegas from all over the world to get married. Big cities. Small country towns. Suburbs of Europe. Hawaii. You name it. Wedding DJs must be able to adjust the party on the fly if family members want the volume changed up or down; tempo changed up or down etc. etc. If a DJ does not like Country………….but the family does……… must be played…………and it must be played as requested. Our job as Wedding DJs is to make suggestive input as requests are made if a song is questionable, profane or not danceable. But again some songs may have a strong meaning to a family, whether they are danceable or not. In a recent poll, only one-third of Americans consider themselves good dancers:, so what that means is; if you have 100 people at a Wedding, only 33 of them will feel they’ve “got all the right moves” to get out there on the dance floor and dance confidently. The other 64 people may “not like to dance” or be “too shy to dance” regardless of who the DJ is. Now this may sound like a poor excuse from a DJ who’s supposed job is to “pack the dance floor.” I am here to tell you, this is a misconception. We have gotten many compliments from guests after a Las Vegas Wedding Reception that did not get up to dance for one song, but said “they liked the music.” When a family unites for a 4-5 hour gathering, they may not have seen each other for decades and may instead, choose to spend most of their time at the bar or sitting and chatting with long lost friends and family. Maybe they will dance a few slow songs, dance a couple of group dances; and they’re happy. If the average song is 4 minutes, you will only hear 45-55 songs at a Four Hour Wedding and I have never witnessed anyone dance for 50 songs straight. Most people dance for a few; take a break; dance a few more, mingle a bit etc. This is how it is supposed to be. This is how couples and their families enjoy each other, enjoy a meal, enjoy good music and celebrate a nice Wedding/Family Reunion in Las Vegas. – John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator of Bruno Productions and . Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail .