About Us

Bruno Productions and Wedding DJs of Las Vegas is a Local DJ/Event Hosting company specializing in Las Vegas Wedding Receptions. The company features current and former radio broadcasters so you can be sure your event will be handled with professional announcements, good personality and smooth music transitions.

Formed in 2006, the company is overseen by DJ/business owner John DeRosa; graduate of Clarion University‘s Broadcast Communications Program: http://www.clarion.edu/1063/. John is a Radio Broadcaster with 15 years experience. This is important because less than 100 people in the whole City of Las Vegas (2 million people) can match the DJ experience and formal training found at this company since most DJs work Part-time and less than 2% of them have ever been on the radio (Five Days a Week, 4-5 Hours a Day talking on the Radio and running music.) You can hear his work locally on KJUL 104.7FM and KOOL 102 Radio.) Bruno Productions Inc. is Licensed and Insured in the State of Nevada and registered with The Secretary of State in good standing.

Please take our advice. Do not risk hiring a “street DJ” for your Wedding Day. It is not worth tanking your entire event trying to save a few hundred dollars. The DJ will be an integral part of your Wedding Reception, ensuring each segment of the program is announced and executed properly (manners, etiquette, and proper English can go a long way.) Your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas will most likely be photographed and videotaped; to be shared for a lifetime. We want to help ensure your special day will be the best it can be.

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. We handle each event carefully, with good communication and preparation during the planning stage as well as regular updates during the event to keep you and your guests informed of what’s coming up next. Our staff receives etiquette and military training, so you can be sure they will be dressed properly, stand with good posture and walk with elegance.

We are confident you will find Wedding DJs of Las Vegas more than adequate, experienced and fairly-priced to handle your Wedding, Anniversary or Holiday Party with class and good taste. Most of our equipment is less than a year old. We use laptop computers and offer Requests-on-Demand. Las Vegas area only. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail events@weddingdjsoflasvegas.com.