10 Ways to Have a Great Time At Your Wedding Reception

Being a Wedding DJ in Las Vegas gives us access to all the Wedding Venues of Las Vegas. We get to see families rich and poor, elegant weddings, self-proclaimed “Redneck Weddings”, American, European, very young couples, older couples and more. Below, please see our list of the Top 10 Ways to Have a Great Time at your Las Vegas Wedding Reception. A must-read for couples soon-to-be-married.

1. No Cell Phone on your Wedding Day

As a society, we have grown to “covet” our cell phones with their ability to call, text, check e-mail, take pictures and more. Our recommendation to a couple on their Wedding Day is to leave the cell phone at your hotel room. If a call must be made, ask a parent or member of the wedding party to call for you. Don’t let your phone distract you or be concerned with losing it during all of your travels on your Wedding Day. You can go on Facebook when you are on your honeymoon and post all the pictures you want.

2. Pre-pay Everything

Be sure to Pre-pay your Banquet Room, Limo Service (and tip), Disc Jockey, Flowers, Photo, Video etc. before your Wedding Day. The last thing you want is to have to worry about money “or if there is enough left on the credit card” to cover everything. We have witnessed first-hand the consequences…………….the bride and groom arguing after the Reception as to why both of their credit cards are maxed out while the Banquet Manager awaits payment. Not a good way to start off your marriage.

3. Designate an Assistant to The Bride

This is usually the Maid of Honor. This person should be a jack-of-all-trades; able to help with makeup, hair, handle shoes, distribute gift bags, handle the Guest Book, coordinate with DJ etc. Give them a checklist to carry and refer to throughout the day. Imagine yourselves as Prince Harry and Princess Catherine…………..smiling and looking their best while their entourage caters to their every need.

4. Designate an Assistant to The Groom

This could be the Best Man or a Sibling. This person should be the “drill seargent for the guys”; keeping them together and looking good at all times. Give this person a checklist to carry and refer to throughout the day. Give them a few hundred dollars and ask them to tip out everyone providing excellent personalized service (Officiant, Limo Driver, DJ, Bartender, Banquet staff etc.)  The groom should not have to worry about (or handle) money on his Wedding Day. He’ll have the rest of his life to worry about money. www.frugalbride.com/tipping.html

5. Child Care

Some Newleywed parents are so devoted to their children that they cannot separate themselves from small children…………even for a Four Hour Reception. We recommend you designate someone to care for your child at your Wedding (if you have any.) The bride and groom should not have to worry about diaper bags and feeding times on their wedding day. Your Wedding Reception in Las Vegas will be a unique gathering. By all means; take pictures and dance with your children, but at the same time try to spend as much time with your guests as you can.

6. Budget your Mingling Time

Look at your list of guests carefully in the days leading up to your Wedding Day. Think of all the people that are coming from all over the country to be a witness to your Wedding. Look at all of the people that helped you plan (or even pay) for your Wedding. If you are not a social person by nature, make the effort for the night. We have seen numerous couples spend hours by themselves at The Main Table eating and looking at their cell phones (see Tip #1.) The only time the Bride and Groom should be at The Head Table is during Dinner and the Toast. Once you are done eating, be sure to “make the rounds” to each table, thank each person for coming and take a picture with every single guest.

7. Do Not Be Late

You are paying thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars for your Wedding Day. Enjoy every minute of it and be sure to start on time (your guests will appreciate this the most.)

8. Keep Everybody Together

We have seen Ceremonies and Receptions delayed because someone went to their hotel room or someone wanted “to go change.” We have seen cases of people that have missed the shuttle bus from the Ceremony to The Reception Hall and delayed the start of the Reception by over an hour. Las Vegas has some of the best chefs in the world that must plan to feed 50-100 people and up…………..all at the same time. If you want your guests to enjoy their food delivered at it’s freshest, stick to the start time. Make a list. Count heads. Keep everybody together (see Tip #3.)

9. Hash out any Family Squabbles before your Wedding

Every single person at your Wedding should be positive and supportive of your decision to be married. If they are not, do not invite them. Be sure all ex-wives, ex-husbands, dads, step-dads, moms, step-moms can get along and will be civil. Sometimes special occasions can be happy and painful (should I invite my real dad even though he wasn’t around etc.) Talk it out……………maybe throw an engagement party beforehand to “test the waters.”

10. No fighting and No Arguing at your Wedding

It’s your Wedding Day. The theme should be Peace, Love and Prosperity. A bride pointing, yelling and banging on the table is not the image of a “Princess.” If you suspect any family feuds, squash them immediately. Many Las Vegas venues have a “No Fighting” policy and will shut down your event if a physical fight breaks out. Avoid at all costs. – John DeRosa is the Owner/Operator or Bruno Productions and www.weddingdjsoflasvegas.com. Call 702-878-4845 or e-mail at events@weddingdjsoflasvegas.com


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